Top 6 Best Night Clubs in Dehradun in 2024

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Top 6 Best Night Clubs in Dehradun in 2024

Situated in the Shivalik Hills’ Doon Valley – the city of love, Dehradun – is a mesmerizing place that will enchant you with its courteous character and good vibrations. It is a dwelling of the Indian Military Academy, Forest Research Institute, notable boarding schools, and gorgeous farmhouses for a relaxing getaway. But do you know about the best night clubs in Dehradun?

We suggest you do not get mistaken by the calming dense forest and scenic landscapes surrounding it. Dehradun is equally happening with a vibrant and exciting nightlife. Dehradun is alive with trendy nightclubs, with more and more people joining the exciting adventures until midnight. 

Top 6 Best Night Clubs in Dehradun

Top 6 Best Night Clubs in Dehradun in 2024

If you are looking for the best night clubs in Dehradun, old and new, that have been getting all the footfall within the city of love, you are in the right place.  You can also look for the 30 best cafes and restaurants in Dehradun. The following is a list of some exciting clubs that every Doonite partygoer is a fan of:

1. The Great Indian Pub

When discussing nightclubs, you cannot miss out on the oldest player in the game and a favorite of many. TGIP, or The Great Indian Pub, is a must-visit location in Dehradun, whether it is for food or a club scene. This nightclub ranks #1 in our list of the top 6 best night clubs in Dehradun.

The young population of Dehradun pulls up here in large crowds, which is no surprise given its appealing rooftop arrangement and enticing interiors. You will find the bar packed all week. 

The menu will not disappoint with a collection of everyone’s favorites, delivering everything from shots, cocktails, margaritas, martinis, and more. Gourmets will not feel left out with its matchless taste in food. 

Taste its vodka golgappas, laal maas, pav bhaji fondue, Ambala mutton curry, Bolognese pasta, and more. Ladies can have the most fun on Thursdays when the club offers free drinks to the party girlies. 

2. Playboy Beer Garden

Partygoers are always on the hunt for the perfect location in Dehradun. This search came to a successful culmination with the opening of Playboy Beer Gardens. Unlike the Playboy you may know from Delhi or Chandigarh, this party place brings a new concept to the city. Playboy Beer Garden ranks #2 in our list of the top 6 best night clubs in Dehradun.

The heart-stealing ambiance of the place will enamor you at first glance. With lavish interiors and seating areas, you can have a gala time on your visit to Playboy. Their extensive menu will satisfy every food soul. 

They offer iconic tapas across the globe, Indian mains, hot sizzlers, salads, kebabs, widespread from the Asian kitchen, and much more. Some of the must-try dishes include black fried rice and pizza. Their bar menu is just as exciting and delicious, including blended scotch, rum, sparkling and champagnes, beers, single malts, gin, Japanese whiskey, and more. 

This perfect party place offers live music, a dance floor, bars, outdoor seating, a separate smoking area, and much more to deliver an extraordinary experience. 

3. Romeo Lane Dehradun

The latest addition to the city is the all-new Romeo Lane. This place launched recently and is still bubbling to make its name. However, the alluring addition to Dehradun’s cultural makeup, Romeo Lane is a masterpiece offering an organic aesthetic blended with a tranquil atmosphere. 

With a unique harmony between sustainability and flavors, Romeo Lane is redefining the nightlife scene. The cocktails use fresh ingredients to support consciousness of environmental footprint. Its menu brings seasonal and farm-fresh tastes to the table, which offers a charming balance between contemporary and traditional dishes. 

Amid the warm lighting and lush green, you can enjoy the sophisticated ambiance with its speakeasy bar concept. You will get premium spirits, fresh-brewed infusions, and innovative combinations for signature drinks. Hence, Romeo Lane is the new standard if you wish to indulge in the city’s nightlife. 

Romeo Lane ranks #3 in our list of the top 6 best night clubs in Dehradun.

4. Brew Factory Dehradun

The first microbrewery in Dehradun, Brew Factory, offers a beautiful collaboration between modern-day and luxury aesthetics. The dim lighting creates the ideal nightlife scene you seek. Located adjacent to the Pacific Mall on the Pinnacle Plaza’s seventh floor, the patrons come here for an enticing setting after a long weekend. 

The enticing rooftop bar allows you to enjoy delicious drinks and the breathtaking scenery of Mussoorie. The indoor setting is just as luxurious. The sangrias and cocktails are a must-try. Food lovers will appreciate their grilled chicken steak, fish and chips, chicken stroganoff, and burgers. 

Additionally, they provide you with everyone’s favorite North Indian cuisines. Weekends are the best time to visit Brew Factory if you want to enjoy live music and singing gigs. 

Brew Factory ranks #4 in our list of the top 6 best night clubs in Dehradun.

5. My Bar Headquarters Dehradun

Whether it is Christmas or New Year, if you are looking for a superior party place in Dehradun, My Bar Headquarters is a winning choice. The stylish interiors and vibes will grab your attention quickly. Indoor and outdoor seating, dance floors, DJ music, and much more are there for you to have a spectacular night. 

They offer multi-cuisines and will satisfy every connoisseur’s palate with their North Indian, Italian, Chinese, Continental, and Bar Food. You can sit inside with your friends and family for dinner or get on the dance floor to experience the fulfilling clubbing vibes. Besides the irresistible food, they offer a full bar for cocktails, among other things.

My Bar Headquarters ranks #5 in our list of the top 6 best night clubs in Dehradun.

6. Pyramid Café And Lounge 

Pyramid Café and Lounge is another brand making noise amongst the Doonites. Café during the day, a lounge in the evening, and a clubbing location at night, Pyramid Café, Lounge, and Bar in Dehradun is Uttarakhand’s first German microbrewery. 

The microbrewery chain is one of the best in India and spreads across the country in locations like Chandigarh, Haldwani, Noida, Meerut, and now Dehradun. So, this is the best one if you are looking for a party place with freshly brewed beer. 

Pyramid offers the best rooftop and in-house experience with succulent platters. The ambiance will captivate you with its stunning interiors. They offer a rooftop setting and a separate café area. The multi-cuisine food packs all flavors and is worth every penny. Do not miss the biryani, desserts, beverages, and more. 

Pyramid also offers live music performances for you to vibe the night away. Remember to have their mobile application to reserve your table or order. 

Pyramid Café And Lounge ranks #5 in our list of the top 6 best night clubs in Dehradun.


The city of love offers exciting nightlife to immerse yourself in completely. You can visit Dehradun’s most talked about clubs, bars, pubs, lounges, and discotheques to hang out with friends, family, or partners. Every place’s tasteful and unique ambiance, with succulent dishes and delicious cocktails, will make your visit worthwhile.

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