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Dehradun Zoo

Dehradun Zoo Overview

Dehradun Zoo is currently known as Malsi Deer Park. After Rajaji National Park in Dehradun, Malsi Deer Park is a popular destination for those who appreciate wildlife. This little zoological garden, which is 10 kilometers from Dehradun on Mussoorie Road, has grown to be a popular family picnic and trip location in Dehradun, drawing large crowds on weekends.

Heaven for environment enthusiasts, the area’s attractiveness is emphasized by its unique flowers and animals. The park is a fantastic place to relax and get away from the hectic city life. It is a little zoological park, which makes it a fantastic site for photographers because of its lovely surroundings and diverse species. The park is provided with peaceful, natural settings that are ideal for touring or a picnic.

If you want to visit the place, make sure you follow some tips.

  • As the park is huge and must be visited on foot, visitors are advised to wear suitable footwear and clothing.
  • To stay hydrated and fed, carry bottles of water and packed snacks.
  • The park does not permit pets.
  • Hold your child’s hand when they climb over the fences and entering the animal area is not permitted.
  • Carry a hat and sunglasses to prevent heat stroke.
  • If you are not permitted into the park, put your belongings in the locker facilities and leave them secure.

The administration of the zoo animals provided additional compensation to the veterinary surgeon of Rajaji National Park. Better animal health services were provided by the basic medical institution. The visitor count grew from 2.5 lakhs to 5.2 lakhs as a result of all these enhancements. Just 5 hectares of the zoo’s 25 total hectares are exposed to tourists at the moment, and it has 350 different bird and animal species under its management.

The Dehradun Zoo is ranked 10th out of 181 zoos worldwide. One of the most well-known tourist destinations in Dehradun is the Malsi Deer Park or Dehradun Zoo. The zoo was founded with the goals of preserving biodiversity and ex situ communication of wild animals. The objective was to grow into a center for education and a wild animal shelter.

Dehradun Zoo Wildlife Species

Dehradun Zoo

Although deer are the park’s major attraction, visitors may also see peacocks, rabbits, nilgais, and tigers, to mention a few. In addition to neelgais, the park is also home to Himalayan antelopes, which bring tourists and kids from all over the world. The park, which is a section of the Malsi Forest Reserve, is Dehradun’s second-best wildlife destination after Rajaji National Park.

The park spans an area opulently across 25 hectares of land. It is home to a variety of animal species, including deer with two horns, nilgais, leopards, emus, turtles, turkeys, ostriches, crocodiles, etc.

The park is also home to a variety of bird species, including peacocks,  parrots, parakeets, owls, macaws, and others. The habitat for a few different aquatic species, as well as other exotic animals, such as snakes, is presently being built.

Numerous more species may be observed here, including the African Grey Parrot, Kalij Pheasant, Sun Parakeet, Eagle, Vulture, Goral, Sambar, Black buck, Golden Pheasant, Budgerigar, Silver Pheasant, Love Bird, Red Jungle Fowl.

Dehradun Zoo Timings

Malsi Deer Park may be visited any time of year, but between April and July, when the climate is favorable in the hills, is the best time to go. Most people visit the hill town in the summer and during the monsoon season since they are both quite calming. 

As the hill town’s busiest seasons are during the summer and monsoon, there is a lot of foot traffic at this time. The hills are extremely peaceful during monsoon, and you may see peacocks in full bloom. With a cool wind, summers are lovely. The Dehradun Zoo is open for all from 10 AM to 5 PM

Dehradun Zoo Ticket Price

The entrance charge to the Dehradun Zoo is only Rs. 20 for adults and Rs. 10 for children.

3 Reasons to visit Dehradun Zoo

Dehradun Zoo

  • Malsi Deer Park is natural grassland in this paradise, and Dehradun, with all of its attractiveness, is a retreat for all travelers. This is the location to visit if you want to take your friends and family somewhere peaceful and beautiful in nature. In addition to the swing and slide for the kids to play on, there are drinks and snack items available in the park. One may sit there and take in the surrounding natural beauty while also watching different kinds of birds pass across the sky.
  • The leopard lounging in the sun, the deer chewing on green grass and the owls sitting on the tall tree branches are also sights to behold. 
  • You may unwind as your children play in the kid’s section, snap pictures of the surrounding natural beauties with your camera, or stuff yourself with all the delicious food being provided in the cafeteria.

How to reach Dehradun Zoo?

Between Dehradun and Mussoorie, on Mussoorie Road, is where the park is located. It is located 10 kilometers from Dehradun, and it can be visited in 25 to 30 minutes by bus or auto rickshaw.

Get the Vikram No. 1 to the Mussoorie diversion, where a short climb will take you to the zoo. The closest train depot is 11 kilometers distant from the Dehradun railway station. The closest airport to this location is Jolly Grant Airport, which is 37 kilometers distant.

5 Things to do in Dehradun Zoo

Similar to any other zoo, guides are not offered. It may be independently explored as it is because it is a small zoo and doesn’t take up much time. The greatest way to travel will be without a guide. It is simply gathering knowledge, breathing in some fresh air, and spending time with family and friends.

Here are the top 5 zoo activities you can do here

  • It’s the perfect picnic location in Dehradun. So, if you have a day free from your busy schedule, consider going on a picnic in the Himalayas.
  • Don’t miss seeing the aviary and the 2-horned deer.
  • It is the ideal location to see a peacock. It will be a favorite spot with kids.
  • Other attractions include tigers, crocodiles, and Neelgai.
  • Discover the assortment of trees and birds at your disposal.

Dehradun Zoo Nearby attractions 

If you are staying near Dehradun Zoo for a few days, and want to explore the nearby places, then you must visit places like, 

  • Important locations nearby include the Tapovan Mandir as well as the Kalinga monument.
  • There are a few churches nearby, including the St. Thomas Church, Believer’s Church, and St. Francis Church.
  • Within 2 miles of the park is the Landour Bazaar and also the Robber’s Cave.
  • Within 5 kilometers of the park are the Shastradhara Falls and also the Tapakeshwar Temple.
  • The distance to the Forest Research Institute is manageable within 9 kilometers.
  • StarBucks Dehradun at Rajpur Road.


Dehradun Zoo is, therefore, a tourist paradise with its allure of mountains and appealing characteristics. A little area of undeveloped grassland in this paradise is called Malsi Deer Park. Here, you unwind and observe your kids playing and developing in the midst of nature.


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