Buddha Temple Dehradun: A Full Guide 2023

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Buddha Temple Dehradun: Interesting Facts

Buddha Temple Dehradun: Overview

Mind-rolling Monastery is one of the largest Buddha Temples, attracting millions of tourists nationally and internationally. Buddha Temple Dehradun has a height of 220 feet and has five floors. Buddha and Guru Padmasambhava statues are embedded in the floors. 

The premises of the building are vast and includes shopping and eateries. They sell handicrafts, clothing, and other products which are handmade by people preaching or following Buddhism. You will also find holy books that are written in the Tibetan language. A separate administration and management team of Buddha Temple takes care of infrastructure and lamas. People residing in Buddhist Temples are entitled to food, clothing, and accommodation free of cost by administration and management.

Buddha Temple Dehradun History

Buddha Temple of Dehradun is also called Mind-rolling Monastery. This Monastery was designed and built in the year 1965. The establishment of the building took place at the end of the 20th century to embark religious landmark of Buddhism. 

Buddha Temple Dehradun

Kochen Rinpoche built the Buddha Temple of Dehradun to promote and protect the culture of Buddhism. The temples of Buddha were built with the perception that the majesty will take care of the town. Hence, you will always find Buddhist temples in the region’s highlands, which also form landmarks. 

Buddha Temple Dehradun Architecture

The temple is designed to align with Japanese architecture, providing visitors and monks peace and mental satisfaction. It is a complex structure in one of the Tibetan religious schools, also called “Nyingma.” The other three schools are renowned as Sakya, Kagyu, and Geluk

The Temple has paintings that depict the life of Buddha. To engrave these paintings, the artists took more than three years to engrave these paintings. Every design or engraving on walls or pillars is hand painted by the artisans. On the fourth floor, the Temple has a platform that will provide you with a 360-degree view of Dehradun valley. To make the Temple more aesthetic and peaceful, you will find beautiful gardens and huge areas covering grass that surrounds the premises. 

Buddha Temple Dehradun Entry Fees

This structure of religion is similar to that of other spiritual monuments. Hence, there are no entry fees. You are allowed free access to the premises of the Temple open to the public. 

Buddha Temple Dehradun Timings

To visit the Buddha temple, you must check the timings, which vary in the summer and winter seasons. In the winter, you can visit the Temple from 9 am to 6.00 pm. Although in the summer, the premises are open from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. These are the general timings of the Buddha Temple.

Although, during the summer, the Temple is open three times. From 8 am to 12 pm, and from 2 pm to 7 pm while the Temple (shrine room) is closed for two hours (that is 12 pm to 2 pm). In winter, you can visit the Temple from morning 8 am to 12 pm. 

How to Reach Buddha Temple in Dehradun?

1. From the Dehradun Airport

The Dehradun Temple is 33 km away from the central city. Thus, you take taxis or local transport from the airport to the building. The Buddha Temple is very famous and hence attracts many visitors. You will get good transportation services from the airport to the Temple.

2. From Clock Tower Dehradun

The clock tower is considered the center of the town. From the clock tower, the distance to the Temple is 12 km. The clock tower is a landmark; good transport is available to all areas. You can take the bus, shared taxi, and others to the Temple.

3. From ISBT Bus Station Dehradun

This is the nearest location to the Temple, which is 4.5 km. Apart from air-conditioned, Volvo, or local buses, you will get transport services like shared taxis and other options. 

4. From Railway Station Dehradun

Dehradun Terminal Railway Station is the main railway stop for Dehradun. This is around 9.5 km away from the central premises of the Buddha Temple. You have varied transportation options from here to reach the Temple.

5 Places to Visit Near Buddha Temple Dehradun


The Dat Kali Temple is constructed on Dehradun- Saharanpur highway. There is a strange story behind the construction. In 1804 during the highway construction, the Kali goddess visited the engineer’s dream, after which the idol was given to Mahant. The Mahant then constructed the Temple. It is religiously very significant to locals as well tourists. 


Clement Town Lake provides you with beautiful scenic beauty. It is located very close to the main army cantonment and Buddha Temple. You will also find an Egret birdhouse in Clement Town Lake. Tourists visit this place for its clear waters and breathtaking view of flying Egret Birds. The serenity of the lake refreshes your Mind and makes you feel relaxed, thus providing you peace of Mind. 


Buddha Temple Dehradun

FRI stands for Forest Research Institute, which is very popular for its architecture and design. The property is vast and planted with trees, plants, and types of flora. If you are interested in forestry, this can be a paradise for you. FRI Dehradun has been filmed in movies and other modes of entertainment purposes. Authorities will charge Rs. 15 (for every individual) on entry, while the timings are 9.30 am to 5 pm. 


City Junction Mall is located on Haridwar Bypass Road in the central city of Dehradun. The mall has many modern amenities like movie halls, supermarket stores, and others. It provides all services that a modern structure provides. City Junction Mall is open from 10 am to 11.00 pm.

5. Starbucks Dehradun

You can visit to Starbucks Dehradun at Centrio Mall or Rajpur road near Mussoorie diversion to enjoy Starbucks coffee. You can catch a local electric city bus on the ISBT-RAJPUR route, or a TThe ATA Magic on the ISBT-GARHI route.

Cafes Near Buddha Temple Dehradun

You can enjoy a tasty meal in the following cafés and restaurants near Buddha Temple Dehradun. Here is a complete list of restaurants near Buddha Temple Dehradun.

  1. Big Bros CAFE
  2. The Food Runner CAFE
  3. Blackout CAFE
  4. Hangout CAFE
  5. Dominos Dehradun
  6. The Urban Pendu CAFE

Buddha Temple Dehradun FAQS

Here are the frequently asked questions about Buddha Temple Dehradun:

1. What is the Buddha Temple Dehradun contact number?

+91 135 273 3899

2. Is Buddha Temple Dehradun good for Children?

Yes, it is a good place to spend time with your children. They’ll love this place for sure.

3. Is Buddha Temple Near to Graphic Era University?

Yes, Buddha Temple Dehradun is near the Graphic Era University.

4. What is Buddha temple Dehradun’s Address?

New Basti, Clement Town Dehradun 248002

Buddha Temple Dehradun Map


Buddha Temple is a Perfect place to visit with children for outings. If you’re in Dehradun, don’t miss this beautiful destination to add in your travel book.


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