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Mussoorie is one of the most picturesque hill towns in all of India, and it is not surprising that it has acquired the moniker “Queen of Hills” given its abundance of picturesque vistas. It is presently India’s vacation paradise and served as British India’s summer capital in the past. Are you looking for the best places to visit in Mussoorie in 2022? A land blessed with revered rivers like the Dhauliganga, Alaknanda, Pindar, Mandakini, and Bhagirathi is the perfect place for a brief escape from the city’s stresses. 

Mussoorie’s temperate climate, invigorating breezes, fragrant mists, and breathtaking panoramic views draw visitors weary of the heat and dust of the Indian plains. Every year, a surprising number of foreign visitors visit Mussoorie, particularly around Christmastime when the town is at the height of its natural splendor. The picture-perfect, snow-covered town, the towering Himalayan peaks, and the scene against the clear blue sky will be with you forever. 


Looking for the best places to visit in Mussoorie? Here are the top 30 locations to go to in Mussoorie for a fantastic trip.

  • Kempty Fall Mussoorie


Colossal fall The most well-known and oldest tourist destination near Mussoorie is Kempty Falls, where the streams turn before hitting the bottom. Kempty Falls, which is 15 kilometers away from Mussoorie and was created by a British man more than 150 years ago, is the most fascinating picnic destination or ideal day trip location. The terms “camp and tea,” signifying the grand tea parties that were historically held here in the evenings, are the source of the name Kempty Falls, which was later shortened to Kempty.

Kempty Falls is located at an altitude of roughly 4500 feet above sea level and is surrounded by tall mountain cliffs. Swimming and bathing are both quite enjoyable in the pond that has developed at the base of the falls. Because of its intriguing surroundings and visual splendor, John Mekinan developed it as a picnic place.

It splits into two main falls, each of which provides a breathtaking view of a stream of water cascading from a considerable height. The permanent Kempty waterfall, a favorite picnic location for tourists, is crowded virtually all year long. If you’re figuring for the best places to visit in Mussoorie, you should definitely visit kempty fall in 2022 for sure.

  • Gun Hill Mussoorie

Gun Hill Mussoorie

The second-highest point in Mussoorie, Gun Hill comes second in our list of the best places to visit in Mussoorie in 2022. Gun Hill is thought to be an extinct volcano and is located at an elevation of 2024 meters. A full view of Mussoorie and the surrounding Doon Valley can be seen from the summit of this hill, along with a panoramic vista of the snow-covered Himalayan peaks.

A popular destination, particularly among photographers and nature enthusiasts, Gun Hill is situated 400 feet above Mall Road. Because there existed a gun at these hills during the time before independence, the hill received its name. The ropeway, which takes passengers 400 meters from Jhula Ghar in a cable car, makes it simple for tourists to get to the Hill.

The trip provides a fantastic bird’s eye view of the nearby Himalayan peaks, including Shrikanta, Pithwara, and Bunderpunch, as well as of vibrant wildflowers. Additionally, it is a wonderful chance to capture the surrounding natural beauties on camera.

  • Lal Tibba Mussoorie

Lal Tibba ()

Lal Tibba is Mussoorie’s highest peak, gently nested at the height of around 2290 meters above sea level, and should be on your visit list for the best places to visit in Mussoorie in 2022. The name of the viewpoint, which is actually Red Hill, is a direct allusion to the hue of the sky that can be seen from here between sunrise and sunset. Two of the holiest attractions in India for the Hindu community, Badrinath and Kedarnath towns, are best viewed from the top in an uninterrupted and stunning manner.

The area is the ideal location for trekking and other outdoor adventure sports. Here, the routes are magnificent, and the serene surroundings will revive your senses. A testament to the fact that Mussoorie is the queen of hills is the abundance of stunning sites, which make the area a photographer’s heaven.

  • Mussoorie Lake Mussoorie

Mussoorie Lake

Both locals and visitors adore this man-made lake, which is a wonderful location. It is a charming and enjoyable location created by the Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority; you can take pleasure in a quiet evening alone while taking in the picturesque scenery around the lake and recording lovely recollections of Dehradun. You can go boating on the lake or simply relax while indulging in some delectable delicacies. Additionally, there are several adorable ducks swimming around this lake.

If you’re looking for the best places to visit in Mussoorie, the Mussoorie Lake should be on your priority list, otherwise, you might miss lots of fun and moments on your Mussoorie trip.

  • Camel’s Back Road Mussoorie

Finding camel in the Camel Back Road, Mussoorie

One of the best spots to visit in Mussoorie is Camel’s Back Road. You can find absolute peace and solitude by taking a quiet and leisurely walk through the woods. The Camel Back Road is a 3-kilometer route that connects the Library Chowk and Kulri Bazaar. It gets its name from the way the rocks naturally formed into camel humps. The road is particularly well-known for providing a magnificent sunset vista and should be on your priority list for the best places to visit in Mussoorie in 2022.

  • Jharipani Falls Mussoorie


The breathtaking Jharipani Falls is located in the little town of Jharipani, about 7 kilometers from the Mussoorie city center. Its remote position, which is unspoiled by tourist swarms yet, is what gives it its beauty. Visit this calming and serene Mussoorie destination if you love the outdoors. You might spend hours admiring the waterfall’s magnificence, taking beautiful photos, or just taking in the surrounding landscape, which includes vistas of the Shivalik range.

  • Sir George Everest’s House Mussoorie

Sir George Everest

About 7 kilometers from the center of Mussoorie, in the tiny town of Jharipani, lies the magnificent Jharipani Falls. Its attractiveness stems from its isolated location, which is yet untouched by tourist hoards. If you enjoy the outdoors, go to this tranquil place near Mussoorie. You might spend a long time soaking in the breathtaking views of the Shivalik range, shooting stunning pictures, or simply absorbing the grandeur of the waterfall.

  • Jwala Devi Temple Mussoorie

Explore Mussoorie | Things to do in Mussoorie | Zaradise Hotels

The Jwala Devi temple, a well-liked tourist destination in Mussoorie, is a recognized sacred site honoring Goddess Durge and is situated at the top of Benog Hill at 2104m. To get to the temple from the Clouds End tourist attraction, you must hike for around 2 km. The temple is modest and outdated, and the hilltop vista is breathtaking.

If you’re a true nature lover and love to hike and freak a lot on hills, Jwalpa Devi Temple should be in your checklist for the best places to visit in Mussoorie.

  • Benog Wildlife Sanctuary Mussoorie

When it comes to natural and picturesque areas in Mussoorie, the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary ranks among the most popular locations. It is situated approximately 11 kilometers from Mall Road. The sanctuary, which is covered in cedar and pine trees, is well known for the numerous exotic bird species you may see there. The national park is well-known for housing deer, leopards, red-billed blue magpies, and mountain quails, which are on the verge of extinction.

  •  Mussoorie Adventure Park Mussoorie

Ikya Island Mussoorie - Best Adventure Sports Destinations in Dehradun

Due to the range of adventure activities, it provides visitors of all ages, the Mussoorie Adventure Park has been drawing crowds ever since it opened in 2003. The park is unique in that it provides breathtaking panoramic views of the surroundings and natural beauty. The park offers a variety of sports, including rock climbing, trekking, rappelling, parallel ropes, and zip lines. Your favorite spot to visit in Mussoorie will be this new tourist attraction. 

  •  Bhatta Falls Mussoorie

One of the top tourist destinations in Mussoorie and a well-known picnic place is Bhatta Falls. The waterfall creates a breathtaking scene, giving it the perfect hideaway. Bhatta Falls, which is adjacent to the city center and one of Mussoorie’s best and most well-known waterfalls, has 500 meters of hiking required to reach the waterfall, making it a popular destination for adventure seekers. There is a little pond at the bottom of the waterfall, which is ideal for swimming and relaxing.

  •  Happy Valley Mussoorie

Happy Valley, Mussoorie - Dalai Lama's first home in India

In Mussoorie, Happy Valley also referred to as “Mini Tibet,” is the ideal location to go if you want to feel joyful and happy because it is a melting pot of Tibetan culture. This valley is magnificent from many angles, and the renowned IAS academy stands in the middle.

  •  Clouds End Mussoorie

Clouds End

This location, which is 6 kilometers from Library Road and denotes the exact geographic end of the hill town, is a picturesque stretch of dense deodar and oak forests. The setting for seeing the sun rise and set in the clear sky at this location is the most fantastical. Photographers find this location to be breathtaking. 

  •  Mossy Falls Mussoorie

Mossy Fall

Go to Mossy Falls rather than the busy Kempty Falls and Bhatta Falls. Mossy Falls is a stunning Mussoorie hidden gem that has not yet been tainted by commercialization. Beautiful scenery and excellent prospects for nature photography may be found on the hike to the falls.

  •  Lake Mist Mussoorie

Lake Mist, Mussoorie | Timings, Entry Fees, How to Reach

The tranquil Lake Mist is on the route to Kempty Falls, around 10 kilometers from Mussoorie. The emerald green splendor offers a break from the busy world so you can enjoy a nice picnic. There is a boating station on the lake where you may rent a boat for a reasonable price.

  •  The Mall Road Mussoorie

The hill station’s “happening place” is The Mall Road. This hub is surrounded by stores, restaurants, cafes, and tourist attractions. Love shopping or not, simply stroll down the street to admire the stunning architecture, historic structures, tourists’ silence, and mouthwatering street fare.

  •  Lambi Dehar Mines Mussoorie


A few kilometers ahead of Mussoorie is where Lambi Dehar Mines, one of the most notorious yet well-liked tourist destinations, is located. The mines are also referred to as the “Mine of Death,” and locals think a witch haunts them. The region inside and surrounding the mine is surrounded by lush vegetation and a stunning landscape, but it is all silent and frightening.

  •  Company Garden Mussoorie


Company Garden, also known as “Municipal Garden” or “Company Bagh,” is a popular picnic spot in Mussoorie and is situated 3 kilometers from The Mall. It was established by Dr. H. Fackner in the early years of this millennium and is managed by the Mussoorie Garden Welfare Association. People can be seen relaxing on the unique grass of the garden, having strolls, or snapping pictures.

  •  Shedup Choepelling Temple Mussoorie


A modest Tibetan Buddhist temple called Shedup Choepelling Temple can be found in Happy Valley, around 2.5 km from Company Garden and roughly 1 km from the Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration. Under the open sky, there stands a sizable idol of Lord Buddha. A life-size statue of the Dalai Lama is located inside the temple.

  •  SOHAM Himalayan Centre Mussoorie


The SOHAM Heritage & Art Center uses paintings on canvas, sculptures, frescoes, murals, and other objects to showcase the culture and tradition of the Himalayas. 

  •  Mussoorie Christ Church Mussoorie


In Mussoorie, the Christ Church is 0.6 kilometers from the Library Bus Stand. In the entire Himalayan region, it is one of the earliest Catholic churches. It is situated on a small hillock in Mussoorie, just above the Kasmanda Palace. The British community in Mussoorie at the time constructed the church in 1836.

  •  Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve Mussoorie


With clearly indicated hiking pathways, the Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve offers a beautiful opportunity for you to explore nature while taking in the sights and sounds of various species. It’s quite calming to take a stroll among cedar and deodar woods when their aroma fills the air. The Leopard Himalayan Bear, Panther, and Mountain Quail are also housed in the refuge. Leopards may be seen at night.

  •  Landour Bazaar (Best Places to visit in Mussoorie)


Landour Bazar, which is located up the hill from opulent Mall Road, is where you can discover ceramic ceramics, woolens, and antiques. It is also well-known for its handwritten signs, which are fastened to the wood. A deodar and pine tree-lined avenue leads to this bazaar, which contains many structures from the British era, beginning with a rejuvenation center that was created by them. 

  •  Kasmanda Palace Mussoorie


The Kasmanda Palace is one of Mussoorie’s oldest structures. It was formerly a component of the Christ Church complex, which Captain Rennie Tailor of the Bengal Engineers constructed in 1836. This structure is one of the oldest in the city at 183 years old.

  •  Santura Devi Temple Mussoorie

Santura Devi Temple (Best places to visit in mussoorie in 2022)

Santura Devi Temple must be visited when in Mussoorie since it holds a special place in the hearts of all locals. The followers claim that Santura Devi’s blessings are what have kept the area safe for so long. To get to the top, you will have to travel 700–800 meters and climb stairs, but it is all worthwhile. You will be rewarded for all of your physical activity with the lovely scenery.

  •  K Dev Bhoomi Wax Museum Mussoorie


The K Dev Bhoomi Wax Museum is situated in Mussoorie’s Company Garden. The museum offers lifelike wax figures of both domestic and foreign celebrities, and it is only 3 miles before The Mall. The Madame Tussauds-inspired K Dev Bhoomi Wax Museum, which opened in 2015, houses about 25 wax figures of well-known persons from over the world.

  •  Sister’s Bazaar Mussoorie

The Sister’s Bazaar, one of Mussoorie’s most well-known tourist attractions, is the ideal location for a shopaholic. The Sister’s Bazaar is one of the best places to visit in Mussoorie. It is a lovely location, lined with pine, oak, and deodar trees. There are tea vendors serving omelets with a lingering flavor and ginger tea. The nuns who served as nurses in the neighboring British dormitories inspired the name of the market.

  •  Aglar River Mussoorie


Still, confused about the best places to visit in Mussoorie? There are numerous fishing options along the Aglar River. Maund, trout, and Mahseer fish are Mussorie’s most popular fish. You must obtain permission from the city’s divisional forest officer before going fishing.

  •  Dhanaulti Mussoorie


The most picturesque location in the vicinity of Mussoorie is Dhanaulit, which is situated at an elevation of 2,286 meters. Due to its elevation, Dhanaulti offers beautiful views of the surrounding Himalayas from practically anywhere, and the weather is often pleasant and temperate. People from Dhanaulti have a strong sense of culture, and you can see them by the way they dress and carry themselves. You can purchase items created locally and eat traditional Garhwal meals here.

  •  Bhadraj Temple Mussoorie


This charming temple is devoted to Lord Bal Bhadra, also known as Balram, who is Krishna’s brother. This temple is allegedly a component of the Badrinath Temple. Visitors who come here to worship the Lord bring milk, butter, ghee, and items derived from ghee. Even Lord Balram’s idol is cleaned and purified using only milk. 

The Bhadraj Temple should be on your list of the best places to visit in mussoorie in 2022. You can’t afford to miss a trip to this temple, otherwise, it will pinch you for a long time. This beautiful temple is surrounded by green hills, natural fresh air, and the cool vibes of a peaceful environment.

  • Surkanda Devi Temple Mussoorie:


The Surkanda Devi Temple is situated on the top of the Dhanaulti hills. The temple is located 32 km from Mussoorie town, and you can visit there by public or private transport. If you’re looking for the best places to visit in mussoorie in 2022, don’t forget to add Surkanda Devi Temple to your checklist.

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