Top 5 Burger King Commercials to Watch in 2023

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Top 5 Burger King Commercials to Watch in 2023

Burger King is a newer player in the food market compared to well-established competitors like McDonald’s and KFC. The company is famous for its lighthearted humor and expertise in engaging in friendly competition with its rivals through clever advertisements. The most excellent Burger King advertisements have a tempting, edgy style, clever wit, and solid observations about society. Like a naughty sibling to McDonald’s, this burger brand keenly catches every chance to playfully roast both rivals and famous individuals in the public eye. Here are 5 incredibly funny Burger King commercials that will definitely tickle you with their humor. 

About Burger King

Burger King was founded in 1953 and consistently changed its ownership and advertising approaches. The original name of Burger King was “Insta-Burger King,”. It was the restaurant purchased by Miami-based franchisees James McLamore and David Edgerton. 

In 1955, the Burger King character was introduced, and in 1957, the popular Whopper burger was introduced. Within two years, Burger King spread its primary television commercial and set up its franchising system. Today, Burger King is present in 100 countries, with over 18,000 stores worldwide. It is quite popular for engaging commercial ads, which eventually leave a smile on the viewer’s face. Don’t forget to read about Starbucks Dehradun in our recent blogs.

Best Burger King Commercials in 2023

Top 5 Burger King Commercials to Watch in 2023

The marketing strategies used by Burger King in recent years have successfully combined humor, creating a strong connection with its customers. Here are some of the best advertisements of Burger King:

1. Burger King Basketball Ad: 

The advertisement for playing NBA 2K21 in a basketball simulation video game to win free food at Burger King is an excellent commercial. There are multiple rewards available in terms of difficulty and distance to get the better reward. It is advisable to aim for a basket from the middle of the court to receive a full menu as a prize. 

It is a clever way to target the younger generation, who are the primary consumers of fast food. It is a clever commercial that displays the viewers having fun playing on this virtual basketball court with fast food-themed elements. They could also share their gameplay videos on Twitter using the hashtag #BKMenuCourt.

2. Burger Prizes Ad for Regular Burger King Customers:

Burger King has launched a new loyalty program called “Kingdom” where faithful customers can earn points, “crowns,” to unlock tasty rewards like burgers. This advertisement is for collecting crowns by creating an account on the Burger King app. The more crowns you collect, the greater the rewards you can enjoy, and they are indeed delicious! 

Burger King has also had fun-filled royal themes in their menu names, such as the “Royal Menus,” which can be obtained with 160 crowns. As part of their advertising campaign, the fast-food giant has released two comical films featuring customers acting as kings. These entertaining ads were made available on TV, FLIGHT, and various social media platforms.

3. KFG: 

Burger King often combines their well-known rivalry with McDonald’s and KFC in their advertisements. The imitative ad begins with lively bluegrass banjo music and a narrator with a strong Southern accent discussing the process of flame-grilling chicken. 

The camera then reveals the Burger ‘King’ himself dressed as Colonel Sanders, claiming to be the ‘KFG’ (King of Flame Grilling). The humor continues as the narrator humorously suggests that the king outranks the colonel and describes the sandwich as ‘flame-grilled good,’ cleverly playing on KFC’s famous tagline, ‘it’s finger-lickin’ good.’ This commercial grabbed the attention of plenty of customers with humorous mocking of its competitors.

4. Whopper Ad: 

Burger King created a highly memorable and catchy jingle in 2023. The song, known as “Whopper Whopper Whopper Whopper,” has become quite popular this year. Burger King has not revealed the identity of the singer behind the jingle, leaving it in a hidden mystery. 

There were assumptions that the actor Sam Richardson was the singer. This ad quickly became widely popular, creating an extremely catchy and unforgettable tune. Thus, it established a strong position in the industry. The rhythm used in this composition is a nod to the timeless 1974 Burger King jingle, “Have It Your Way.” Both songs are incredibly appealing.

5. Fred Testot Commercial:

The celebrity Fred Testot appears in a TV advertisement for Burger King. Burger King displayed clever thinking by joining an ambassador to represent their brand. This publicity stunt successfully captures viewers’ attention, making them more engaged with the commercial. The campaign was broadcast on 5 October 2020, lasting for 30 seconds, and was also promoted on social media.


Burger King employs exceptional marketing strategies that prove to be highly effective. Any other fast-food chain targeting to repeat its success will meet a tough challenge in terms of creativity. 

The brand cleverly informs the public while simultaneously positioning itself as a socially conscious team in its advertisement statement, “The internet should be equally enjoyable for everyone, just like the Whopper. These catchy taglines are presented through catchy and humorous advertisements.

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