Top 10 Best Urologist in Dehradun

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Top 10 Best Urologist in Dehradun - The Dehradun Daily

When we talk about a urologist, we are talking about a doctor specializing in treating urinary problems. The urinary system will help keep an individual’s body clean by detoxifying harmful particles from the body. The main components of the urinary system are the kidneys of the person, the bladder of the person, and the urethra. Anyone can face the problem in the urinary tract, whether he is a man, a woman, or a child. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 best urologist in Dehradun and the factors that led to their selection.

Factors to Consider While Selecting A Urologist

Since many urologists are present, we need to consider several points to select the best urologist in Dehradun.

  • Experience of the Urologist

When selecting a urologist, we first see the doctor’s experience. If the urologist’s doctor is quite experienced in his work, there are higher chances for the best results. It determines the year of the urologist’s experience and the number of patients treated.

  • Credentials of the Urologist

It is another crucial step when selecting the best urologist in Dehradun for our treatment. In this case, the critical point to make while selecting a urologist is to determine whether he has received certification from the board. The board certificate will describe the doctor’s skills and experience in the field of urology, along with any malpractices.

  • Gender of the Urologist

Another factor that we need to consider is that there are times when women feel uncomfortable sharing their problems. For example, if a woman is provided with a female doctor and a man is provided with a doctor of their gender, In that case, both men and women can openly discuss the issues they are facing in their urinary systems.

  • Service of the Hospital

While searching for the doctor, you must check the hospital where the doctor works. It will help you understand the tools and technologies available in the hospital for treatment. It also gives information about the hygiene condition of the hospital, along with the genuine.

  • Reviews of the Patients

When you are searching for a urologist, make sure to read reviews of previous patients before treatment. These reviews are readily available on many healthcare sites and applications. This helps to understand the nature of the doctor, his way of treating patients, and how effective the treatment is.

  • Referrals from Doctors and Friends

If you are searching for a urologist, you can take advice from your recent doctor as a consultation. In addition, you can consult with your friends and family members, as this will help you select the best doctor.

  • Insurance Cover 

It is an essential factor we must consider before searching for a urologist for treatment. Next, we need to determine whether our insurance coverage will be able to cover the cost of treatment. In this way, we have to select the urologist for whom our insurance company pays the most.

10 Best Urologist Doctors in Dehradun

There are many urologist doctors available in Dehradun; among them, some of the best are as follows:

  • Dr. Deepak Garg

Top 10 Best Urologist in Dehradun - The Dehradun Daily

Dr. Garg is one of the most famous urologist in Dehradun, with an experience of around 15 years in this field. He focuses on the treatment of urology, oncology, and endourology without using any surgical procedures. The doctor has an M.Ch. In urology and renal transplantation, along with a fellowship in neurooncology from a university in Japan.

Work Experience of Dr. Deepak Garg

  • Resident Doctor at RML Hospital, New Delhi
  • Senior Resident- Subharti Medical College, Meerut
  • Senior Resident -Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, Kerala, 2013-2016
  • Fellow Uro Oncology and Robotic Surgery Mie University, Mie Prefecture, Japan
  • Consultant-Kailash Hospital, Dehradun
  • Consultant-Velmed Hospitals, Dehradun
  • Consultant-Max Hospital Dehradun


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  • Dr. Sanjay Goyal

He is considered one of the best doctors in the field of urology, with a combined experience of around 35 years. He has worked at the Moolchand Hospital in Delhi and the Kailash Hospital and Research Centre in Noida. Mr. Goyal has endourology and cancer urology expertise and holds an MBBS degree from LLRM Medical College in Meerut.

  • Dr. Vimal Kumar Dixit

Dr. Dixit is considered an experienced doctor in the field, with an experience of around 12 years. He has treated all urinary-related problems for around 10 years, with advice on operative and severe cases. In addition, Mr. Dixit specializes in kidney transplants, urological problems, and endourological problems. 

  • Dr. Amar Kumar

Dr. Kumar has experience of around 17 years, working as a specialist for around 3 years in the field of urology. He works as a consultant urologist at Vibhuti Super Specialist Hospital in Dehradun. Mr. Kumar has done surgeries related to the prostate, kidney stone surgery, and ureteric calculus surgery.

  • Dr.Tarique Naseem

Dr. Naseem is considered one of the most essential and best urologist in Dehradun, with around 11 years of experience. Mr. Naseem’s areas of interest are endourology, urethral reconstructive surgery, and andrology. In addition, he has delivered lectures as faculty at regional urology conferences. Dr. Naseem works at the Max Super Specialty Hospital of Dehradun, the most famous hospital.

  • Dr.Tejasvi Kamra

Dr.Tejasvi Kamra is also a famous doctor in Dehradun in the field of urology, with an experience of around 27 years. He does not favor surgeries and will only do them when all other treatments have failed. Mr. Kamra has opened his own Dr.Kamra Urinary and Surgical Disease Center in Dehradun with expertise in laparoscopic surgery.

  • Dr. Vikrant Pathak

Dr. Pathak is a skilled urologist with expertise in vasectomy, cystoscopy, and prostate procedures. It includes ureteroscopy, lithotripsy, orchiopexy, penile plication, and penile implants. His Dehradun clinic, Dr. Pathak S. Urology, and Stone Clinic mainly treat male patients.

  • Dr. Rajeev Sarpal

Dr. Rajeev Sarpal is one of the most famous and best urologist in Dehradun, with an experience of around 10 years. He specializes in the field of endourology and does surgeries for the removal of kidney stones.

  • Dr.Daresh Doddamani

Dr. Doddamani is another famous and best urologist in Dehradun with a combined experience of around 40 years. He specializes in kidney transplants along with podiatrists, sexologists, and andrologists. Mr. Daresh holds membership in the South Asian Society for Sexual Medicine and the Urological Society of India.

  • Dr. Ankur Sangal

Mr. Sangal has 12 years of experience with an MBBS and MS degree in urology. He specializes in the treatment of sexual problems in men, along with the problems of erectile dysfunction and stones in the bladder.


From this article, we understand that the urologist helps solve problems related to the kidney, prostate, bladder problems, etc. We have many female urologists, so women can share their problems without inconvenience. Contacting them is quite an easy process; if you want, you can get references from friends and relatives.

Suppose you face problems like blood in urine, a burning sensation, an increased number of urine cycles, etc. Then it is advised to connect with a urologist immediately; don’t wait for the problem to become serious.

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