Silvana Prince: Life History Of Gifted Model Artist

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Silvana Prince, the famous model, artist, actress, and star, is truly gifted. Throughout her life and career, she has involved herself in many professions and became successful. Born and raised in Mexico, Silvana is highly praised for her amazing work and performances.

She even plays roles in movies such as El Taxista Querendon (1997) and Ayudame Compadre (1992). Silvana is always very careful about her public appearances and keeps her online profile low to maintain privacy. It is why Silvana Prince does not have many details about her personal life. In this article of Dehradun Daily, we’ll learn about the life of Silvana Prince.

Silvana Prince’s Early Life and Husband

Native of Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico, Silvana’s birth year is unknown. That is why no one knows her real age. But every year, she celebrates her birthday on the 6th of October.

Apart from that, she even achieved a degree in Interior design in Guadalajara, Mexico. She was in the limelight for her graceful appearances as a Mexican actress. Her two films gave her enough fame: El Taxista Querendon(1997) and Ayudame Compadre(1992). These two films were a major play in her career. 

As of 2022, Silvana Prince claims she is not married or involved in any romantic relationship. Details about her romantic life or relationship status are yet to be disclosed. However, there were rumors that she was in an affair with the director and film actor Eugenio Alexandrino Gonzalez derbez in 1990. But, the couple never accepted anything about their relationship.

Silvana Prince Son

According to Silvana Prince, the couple has a son named Vadhir Derbez, Alejandro Gonzalez Torres. On the 18th of February 1991, he was born. Vadhir Derbez is a popular Mexican performer and actor like her mother. He has even made significant contributions to the film and music industry. He is very close to her mother. Silvana is very proud of her son’s accomplishments and supports his career.

Turning Points Of Silvana Prince’s Career:

If you want to know Silvana Prince, you can learn some amazing facts about her. The Mexican actress is a fashion model and does commercial photography. She also participated in the contest for Miss Jalisco in 1977.

The multifaceted actress shared the screen with many Mexican artists like Margarita Gralia, Otto Sirgo, Leonardo Daniel, and many more. Her talents have made her a versatile professional, and she has proved all of them. Having been featured in various TV shows, Silvana appeared in The Awful Beautiful, Vidita Wild, Comedians, Single Dad, Anabel, and many more. 

Regarding her modeling career, she worked as a model for various companies, such as Marcelo, Giovanni Carlo, and Vanity Private Samples, throughout the European continent.

Silvana is a painter, who displays her creations in various cities and nations.

Silvana Prince Bio: Still Unknown Due To Some Secret Reasons 

However, Silvana Prince’s image has always been kept quiet from the public, and her profile was also kept private. There are not too many details about her personal life.

Silvana Prince: Life History Of Gifted Model Artist

Her body measurements, like height, weight, and age, are yet to be known. Her name is Mexican, and she also holds a Mexican ethnicity. Silvana Prince shows that she is a well-known artist whose significant contributions are great to discuss, and the world praises her artistry and music. 

Silvana Prince Net Worth

Sivana Prince Wiki shows that Silvana’s net worth is a good value to count on. As of 2022, her net worth is around 100,000 USD. Silvana Prince is very popular and famous as a Mexican model. She has sourced the revenue from her different professions, like acting, singing, dancing, and painting.

But most of her income comes from modeling and acting. She even performed as a singer and dancer in various cities for a long time. Additionally, her artistry in custom-made and designer phone cases has made her popular among fans. 

Some Interesting Facts About Silvana Prince

  1. Silvana Prince is very popular as Silvana.
  2. She was born in Cordoba, located in Veracruz, Mexico.
  3. Being a renowned Mexican artist, her appearances in television shows and films brought stardom to her. 
  4. Silvana owns an Instagram account with 58k followers.
  5. Her populares shows fueron Ayudame Compadre 1992 El Taxista querendón 1997.
  6. She also worked as a tourist market representative. It was run by the ANAO of China by the Ministry of Tourism. It was in the state of Jalisco.
  7. Her Instagram account shows that she has more than 58k followers, though she is not that much active on social media. 
  8. She is even involved in other businesses where she takes orders for custom-made phone cases via Instagram and delivers them. 

Silvana Prince Instagram

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Silvana Prince, a multi-talented person, has achieved so many things in her life. Her life is full of inspiration and her journeys of success in different aspects. There are enough reasons why people admire her so much despite very little information available about her. 


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