Less Than Container Load (LCL): Your Cozy Guide to Shared Shipping Adventures

by ayush
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People always hear about LCL- Less than Container Load but are unaware of it. So, in this blog, we will discuss it in detail.

Imagine that you’re headed out on a road trip, but you’ve only got a backpack’s worth of stuff. Would you rent an entire bus just for yourself? Probably not, right? Instead, you might hop onto a shared minivan or a bus where others travel in the same direction with their little backpacks. This way, it’s not only lighter on the pocket but also makes the journey a communal experience.

Now, transport that idea onto the high seas, replace the minivan with massive ships, and the backpacks with shipping cargo. Ta-da! You’ve just stumbled upon the world of LCL, or Less Than Container Load. Let’s go into the depth. You can also check out here for more information https://dedola.com/solutions/ocean-freight/lcl/.

intermodal containers on dock


So, what’s LCL all about? 

In ship-talk, LCL is when several people or businesses don’t have enough stuff to fill an entire shipping container on their own. Instead of letting all that space go to waste, they share it. Everyone’s goods get packed together in one container, and they split the cost based on how much space their stuff takes up. It’s the ultimate “let’s split the bill” move, but for shipping!

Sharing is Caring: Instead of booking an entire container on a ship (which can be pretty hefty in size and price), LCL let you share that space with others. You pay only for the portion you use. It’s the carpool or rideshare of the maritime world.

Flexibility is Key: Got a smaller shipment that doesn’t need a whole container? LCL is your jam. It’s perfect for businesses that aren’t shipping massive quantities or folks making smaller international moves.

Consolidation Stations: Before setting sail, all the little shipments are gathered, sorted, and packed snugly into a container. Think of it as gathering a group of solo travelers into a shared van before hitting the highway.

Once it Arrives: The communal journey ends at the destination port. Here, the container is unpacked, and everyone’s individual shipments go their separate ways, ready to reach their final destinations.

But hey, what’s the catch?  

A Tad Slower: Because you’re gathering various shipments and sorting them, LCL might take a touch longer than if you had an entire container (Full Container Load or FCL). It’s like making a few extra pit stops on your road trip.

Handle with Care: Your goods will be handled multiple times – when they’re packed into the container, and when they’re taken out. So, make sure your stuff is packed well and secure.

When is LCL the way to go?

Budget-Friendly Moves: If you’re watching the pennies and don’t have enough to fill an entire container, LCL can be a saver.

No Rush, No Fuss: If you’re not in a time crunch and your shipment is on the smaller side, why not share the journey?

So there you have it! LCL is like that shared, cozy cabin experience for your goods on the vast ocean. It’s about coming together, making the most of the space, and getting your stuff where it needs to go without renting out the whole big ship.

Let’s toast to smart shipping choices and the adventures that our packages embark on!

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